PS5: a new, impressive stepping stone to the next generation of consoles

PlayStation 5
The new console from Sony has shown itself to be very promising: from design to performance.

PS4, which was released back in 2013, at one time became a real hit - by 2020, the number of console sales reached 110 million copies. The PS4 platform, without a doubt, attracted many game developers, including exclusives, which, in part, won such popularity among gamers. Sony has set itself an ambitious goal of not only replicating the success of the PS4, but also surpassing it. This is evidenced by the fact that the company called the new PS5 "a new generation console" thereby showing its progressiveness in comparison with the PS4.

Among other things, the design of the console itself speaks about Sony's bold step - it is less similar to the classic PlayStation, making a bias towards cyberpunk. It may look rather odd, but it will undoubtedly attract attention - even if the console is just sitting in your living room. The interior design resembles a little PS4, which of course gives users a little relaxation and remembering previous controls. The menu is really similar to PS4, although there is no way to sort all games on launch yet - there is no way to sort them into folders. But with just a few clicks of buttons, you can determine which games are native to the PS5 and which are not.

Features of the new controller

The control of the new console is indeed much easier than the PS4. Largely thanks to the new DualSense controller, which was developed by Sony specifically for the PS5. Of course, you can use the previous version of the controller, but in new games everything is arranged in such a way that you can only feel the beauty of the game with DualSense.

This is achieved thanks to the buttons: they have become easier to press and more comfortable. In addition, the joystick is much more comfortable to hold in hand.

It's also interesting how the controller interacts with games, using vibration and other triggers so that you can feel any movement of the character in the game. We look forward to trying this controller in more games to appreciate the connection between joystick and game.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

Graphics no longer force you to make choices

Previous versions of consoles may have provided you with a good game, but you often had to choose between a beautiful picture and good game performance. It seems that in the new PS5 this choice is no longer worth it: thanks to individual settings, you can customize the game for yourself without sacrificing anything.

The console has enough power to delight you with an open world in games and at the same time beautiful graphics - this can be seen in the example of Spider-Man. The fact that you no longer have to make a choice is a big step for consoles.

Download speed

The SSD that comes with PS5 can provide you with a great gaming experience. This is especially noticeable in the example of the open world, when you should wait up to 10 seconds for the game to fully load. These are great numbers.

However, Sony only requires players to use SSD's that are approved by the company, so you actually have no choice. After installing the system, you will have less space for games and this can be a problem. Despite this, PS5 still has storage "in the cloud", which will allow you to transfer your data for storage.

Advanced game options

The new console also contains options such as voice over for text, subtitles for games, voice over for voice messages, and more. These features will make the game much more accessible to all players. However, some settings will depend on the developers - perhaps some games simply will not support, for example, subtitles in languages other than the original. However, the existence of such features indicates that games are becoming more accessible to all players.

New possibilities for sound

Before the launch of the console, Sony announced technology to improve the sound in the game. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to test this fully, but we can already say: the new sound technology makes the sound more "directed to the player". You can better hear footsteps, gunshots or the sound of wheels, as if you are right in the game. However, we will wait for the opportunity to test these features better.

Legacy game compatibility

As announced, almost all games from the previous version of the console will run on PS5. However, when testing this feature, it was found that there are some errors - for example, in the graphics. The graphics may not be adapted to the capabilities of the new generation, although this is not a major issue. Regardless, we can expect almost all games to look good.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

Surprisingly, loading times weren't as good

Despite the best performance in general, the load times of games on PS5 were no faster than on consoles of the previous generation or on a new product from Microsoft. The difference between downloads is not so much - just a couple of seconds (or a couple of tens of seconds), so you can expect that this will not be a problem for players.

So the PS5 is a great example of a next-generation console: it's promising and fresh. We are looking forward to the official release of the console in order to evaluate the console more fully. However, the speed of work, graphics make a very good impression. This is undoubtedly an interesting start for a new generation.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 09 November, 2020
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