Netflix plans to go into video games

Netflix has hired the former head of Electronic Arts and Zynga.

It looks like Netflix is planning to target the video game release market, although no comment has yet been received from the company itself. Netflix have hired Mike Verdu, the former head of Electronic Arts and Zynga. Previously, Verdu was one of the executives at EA mobile and worked at Facebook. He is called the "veteran" of the industry, so this is a significant advantage for Netflix.

Bloomberg explains that Netflix plans to sell video games through an existing streaming platform. According to rumors, there will be no additional fees for using the games. Also, according to Bloomberg, in the near future, Netflix will expand its team and hire even more professionals in the gaming industry, in addition to Verdu.

Interestingly, rumors surrounding Netflix's introduction to the video game market have been around for a long time. Back in 2011, the company tried to launch the Qwikster video game rental service, but this plan failed. In 2019, journalists were interested in whether the company wants to expand its "expansion" even further - the CEO answered "No". Then he explained that the platform should focus on creating series and films, and not on creating a completely new direction. At the same time, the company said that it considers Fortnite to be its main competitor - not any other streaming platform. According to Netflix, they are working to get the consumer to "put Fortnite aside and start watching Netflix."

In addition, Netflix constantly collaborates with game studios - here it is worth mentioning the collaboration with CD Projekt Red on the series based on The Witcher (2019), as well as the upcoming game based on the popular TV series Stranger Things (2016).

It seems that Netflix's plans to expand its production are not a surprise, but let's see if the platform does not follow the same fate as Qwikster.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 16 July, 2021
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