In Ukraine cybercriminals used PS4 to mine cryptocurrency

The security service confiscated over a thousand PS4's that were used on the crypto farm.

The SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) press service announced the disclosure of an entire farm for mining cryptocurrency - it was located in the city of Vinnytsia, in one of the former premises of Vinnytsiaoblenergo. According to the investigation, Vinnytsiaoblenergo could have been involved in the creation of a crypto-farm - the amount of theft of electricity exceeds 250 thousand dollars.

PS4 mining farm
PS4 mining farm
PS4 mining farm

It is not yet known whether the company will be fined, but the Security Service of Ukraine does not exclude that officials could have contributed to the concealment of the farm. Vinnytsiaoblenergo denies any accusations and reports that thousands of PS4's "have never been used" on the territory of the enterprise. To hide their activities, the attackers used electricity, which was supposed to feed Vinnytsa - because of this, entire city blocks could be left without electricity.

PS4 mining farm
PS4 mining farm
PS4 mining farm

Interestingly, the PlayStation 4 consoles were used for mining, like any other equipment, whose power is enough to create a cryptocurrency. Apparently, the console was properly configured to be strong enough for such a massive task. The SBU did not mention exactly how much they pulled the found consoles, but such mining operations are clearly not cheap. Today, the PS4 can be purchased for at least $ 400, not including additional equipment and accessories.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 14 July, 2021
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