About Us

The gaming industry is huge. Annually, developers release hundreds and thousands of new products. Old games do not disappear: they are played, they are discussed. All this information is scattered around the back streets of the Internet. MIGDb set the goal to gather all information in one place. Our task is to create an information paradise for the gamers where they can find game news, reviews and much more.

We, like you, are fans of games. We grew up with the games and cannot imagine our life without them. Now we are working in the gaming field. Everyone can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Be sure: every game review, every line is written with soul and authenticity.

MIGDb presents obscene information from the authors. This is a gaming site that only speaks the truth!

Our Mission

  • Implement the all-in-one concept. We know how difficult it is to find the information you need by studying dozens of sites. We know that the news of the game world sometimes has to be collected bit by bit on different portals. MIGDb solves this problem!
  • Create a large community of players and people related to the gaming industry. Form a platform where they can exchange information, tips, and experience, write reviews of games, share the news.
  • Develop a platform using which gamers will be able to decide what is worth playing and what is not. The site is not tied to the relevance of the products. Love modern games with a huge budget? You are welcome! Appreciate the good old classics? Not a problem!

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the materials that you will find on the site.

Gaming News

The gaming industry is dynamic, constantly evolving. Rumors about new products, studio problems, game announcements, interviews with developers - all this is circulating in a large stream in the Internet. We have collected the most interesting things for You in one place. Save Your time by visiting MIGDb!

Our team collects relevant information, presenting it in a convenient, engaging format. If You want to always be aware of, keep up with the trends of the seething world of games, You are welcome!

Game Reviews

Not every game becomes worthy, interesting. So why waste your time on a product that in the end may bring nothing but disappointment? People have already played for you and made an impression. No, no spoilers, no worries. After checking the reviews, you can decide for yourself whether to play or not to play.

We have a perfectly good assortment of games. For example, here you will find any game series. We did not bypass even the entire game universes. And this is not the whole list. We recommend that you read the reviews section. It is useful, informative, entertaining.

MIGDb We are Very Good at Games!

In conclusion, we'd like to say that it goes much deeper than this. The project is developing. You will find more interesting things. Stay with us!