Steam Deck or Switch?

Steam Deck vs Switch
Many gamers dream of a portable console that has the same power as a PC. Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck can be a step towards that dream, offering completely different approaches to comfortable play.

Nintendo Switch Pro and Steam Deck are unique devices that can be used not only anywhere, but also connected to the big screen. Even though both consoles have yet to be released, this could be a good solution to create a compact console with the same power as a full-fledged computer.

Interestingly, both devices are completely different in their performance: the Nintendo Switch Pro is a classic "closed" gaming system, while the Steam Deck is conceived as an open platform for creating a working environment, like in a PC. However, we still want to compare these devices, since they are very similar in their design: portable consoles that can run games of almost any complexity.


It seems that both devices will be quite similar, however the new version of the Nintendo Switch may offer an improved OLED with a 7-inch display. The Steam Deck has the same display size, but the display is more similar to the original Switch. In addition, the Steam Deck has a slightly higher resolution - 1280x800, which can be a problem for running some games at lower screen resolutions.

Console power

Perhaps the biggest difference between consoles lies in their processors. The Nintendo Switch Pro will have an Nvidia processor that is no different from the original version of the console. The Steam Deck will have a GPU with processing power similar to the next generation consoles. It looks like Valve's console looks much more powerful, at least in technical terms. However, until the full release of both devices, it is difficult to say how the optimization will work.

Memory size

The Nintendo Switch Pro will expand its original version to 64GB, which could be a good solution for smaller games aimed specifically at a handheld console. As for the Steam Deck, the base package will also have 64GB, but with the purchase of improved versions you can get even more memory - which means that the console will be able to "pull" full-fledged large releases for the PC. You can expand the memory on both devices with memory cards.


A special feature of both consoles is the ability to play anywhere, using only the device, without additional devices. Nintendo Switch Pro did not change anything in its control, leaving the familiar features of its original version. This is not bad at all, since the Nintendo Switch has gained immense popularity precisely because of its ease of use. As for the Steam Deck, it features analog triggers - this will provide you with an even richer game. In addition, touchpads will be placed on the front of the console. The developers stressed that this is done in order to facilitate control in games where a mouse is traditionally required.


Both consoles are portable, which means you don't need extra wires to play. Otherwise, the Steam Deck contains support for a more recent version of Bluetooth and Bluetooth controllers. As for USB ports and support for memory cards, the characteristics of both consoles are identical and will provide you with a comfortable game. Also, both consoles contain a port for audio and an output for charging. Also, the Steam Deck will connect to a faster Wi-Fi range.

Docking stations and TV connection

Both consoles offer docking station connectivity for big screen gaming. The port selection on the Nintendo Switch is not as extensive as on the Steam Deck due to the different uses of the consoles. By connecting a device from Nintendo, you can get resolutions up to 1080p. The Steam Deck is more tuned to play on the big screen, so you'll be able to use laptop docking stations and get game resolutions up to 8K.

Surely it is impossible to say which of the two consoles is more successful - both systems have completely different approaches. The Steam Deck offers an open platform, more PC-centric gaming, while the Nintendo Switch Pro offers a closed ecosystem with convenient handheld controls. To decide which console is right for you, we advise you to wait until the official release date to check the devices "in action".

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 20 July, 2021
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