Death Stranding: Director's Cut is not actually a director's cut

Death Stranding: Director's Cut
Death Stranding: Director's Cut creator Hideo Kojima has stated that he doesn't like the title of the game as "director's cut."

Death Stranding: Director's Cut has been named one of Sony's most anticipated "Director's Cut" games this year. Although the term "Director's Cut" has traditionally been used to refer to films, marketers have named several of Sony's improved games in a way that disliked Hideo Kojima, the creator of Death Stranding.

On his personal page, Kojima spoke out against such a name for his own game. According to him, the "director's cut" does not imply the addition of anything new - only the preservation of what was created initially. However, Kojima himself, during the presentation of Death Stranding: Director's Cut, explained that the game was actually created from scratch, with the addition of improved components. "The game included something that was additionally created," said Kojima.

Of course, the creator of Death Stranding: Director's Cut may be clearer about how the improved version of the game should be correctly called - especially since there is no suitable term for the gaming industry yet. We cannot yet assess if Kojima's remark is true, as the game will be released this fall.

Recall that the game will be available as a PS5 exclusive - it is not yet known whether Death Stranding: Director's Cut will appear on the PC.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 13 July, 2021
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