"How will you be paid?" - the creator of A Way Out spoke about the Game Pass system

Xbox Game Pass
Joseph Fares fears that video games will "turn into Netflix" and offered his idea of how to organize a connection between a gamer and a developer.

The creator of games such as A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, developer Joseph Fares, in a recent interview, expressed concern about services like Xbox Game Pass. Fares said things like this could turn video games "into Netflix" - not exactly what developers want. "How will you get paid? I'm not sure about that, " Fares said.

In an interview, the creator of A Way Out also pondered what might come to replace such services. In his opinion, a system where the developer is paid based on the number of hours spent playing his game is a good idea, but it will not work well for those who make short games. In addition, Fares shared concerns that Xbox Game Pass - style services could come out "to the detriment of developers", although they allow gamers to spend more time with their favorite games.

Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, confirmed Fares's words, saying Microsoft has made deals with developers to pay them based on the amount of time gamers play their game in Game Pass. Spencer also said that Microsoft is "ready to experiment" if it works for both sides.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 15 February, 2021
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