GameStop has signed a cooperation agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft + GameStop
GameStop, one of the most successful game and accessory companies, plans to improve service in its stores with services from Microsoft.

The quality of service in the American company GameStop will clearly change in the near future - the company enters into a long-term partnership with Microsoft. The deal focuses primarily on "personalized GameStop customer service" through the use of Microsoft products - Dynamics 365, Surface laptops and Teams.

The deal will make GameStop look like an Apple store by allowing employees to serve customers with Surface in hand and get all customer information through Microsoft's cloud platforms. Both Dynamics 365 and Teams will provide employees with more detailed customer information.

GameStop and Microsoft are working on a simplified payment scheme for gamers. The companies have teamed up for the Xbox All Access program, a 24-month payment plan for both next-generation Xbox systems that include Game Pass Ultimate. This will allow players to more comfortably pay for their Xbox-based purchases.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer praised GameStop in a press release, stating that the company is an integral part of the gaming ecosystem.

GameStop has been trying to stay afloat lately due to the coronavirus pandemic. In April 2020, CEO George Sherman cut his employees' salaries by 50 percent, and last month the company announced plans to close 400 to 450 stores worldwide. Nevertheless, GameStop is doing well in the market - GameStop's shares have increased following the deal with Microsoft and peaked since the beginning of 2019. Thus, the cooperation only benefited the company.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 14 October, 2020


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