What's new with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
As it became known recently, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released in March this year. We have collected the most significant changes in comparison with the previous parts of the franchise.

Not so long ago, there was a BioWare presentation, where we learned a lot about the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Recall that the edition will contain the original games of the Mass Effect universe, as well as additional content for fans. During the presentation, company representatives and developers shared information about what we should expect from the release and what improvements the Legendary Edition will bring for the already released parts.

At first glance, the edition will not bring something unique: of course, the graphics and performance of the first games in the series will be improved, as well as DLC and much more will be added. However, BioWare could not have released Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 without major improvements due to the amount of time that has passed since their release.

Of course, the developers could not help improving the combat system in the original Mass Effect. So, finally, melee mode was added, as well as fixation on a specific target. In addition, useful changes have occurred in the weapon system - you still cannot train with it, however, the developers have removed penalties for using weapons that are not of your class.

In the first and second parts, the command system was significantly improved - now your comrades will be more smart, which will be especially useful for the first part. In addition, the rivals have also become smarter - they will shoot at you as soon as they notice, and not "slow down" for a while, giving you the opportunity to hide in cover. The camera and viewing angles have also been improved - for the first two parts this will be especially relevant, as it will give you a more "modern" look at these games. Other, less significant changes include: improved sighting, autosave and first aid systems for teammates. In addition, the plot was slightly changed in Mass Effect 3, but not much - there will be no additional story content. The changes concern the ending - it will be extended, and not the one that was in the original Mass Effect 3.

Versatile character creation system

Finally, all three parts of Mass Effect will have a single system through which you can create your character. The developers have also added many new options, including new hairstyles, clothing, and other improvements. As for the drawing of the characters itself, it has been significantly improved - for example, the Shepard woman has received a uniform design in all three games and more natural facial features.

New game launch system

Now you don't have to store your Mass Effect collection in different parts of the desktop - the launch system has become a unified and more convenient one. Through one icon you can launch exactly the part you want. In addition, all games will be linked - for example, subtitles in all Mass Effect will be exactly as you set them from the very beginning. It is known that the developers have also added the function of deleting individual games, if suddenly you do not want to have a specific part in your collection.

Almost all available DLC's

Yes, in the Legendary Edition, almost all the additional content that has ever been released will be available - and this includes new weapons, clothes, equipment, story additions and much more. Much of this will be available immediately, and some of it will be obtainable as you progress through the main story.

Lack of multiplayer in Mass Effect 3

Unfortunately, the multiplayer mode didn't make it to the extended edition. Of course, this entailed a change in the galactic readiness point system. In order for this indicator to be equal to 100%, you will have to try hard, completing all the quests in the trilogy - so you can unlock the best ending for your story.

Improved performance and graphics

The Legendary Edition will be playable in 4K HDR at 60fps on all next-gen consoles, although the developers are still working on smoothness. It is important that the performance has been improved even in the smallest details - for example, you can finally skip not too important elements of the plot, instead of waiting for long minutes for the end of the scene. Of course, the graphics have also been improved - especially in the first Mass Effect, which includes improved textures, elaboration of characters, weapons and armor, as well as smaller details: for example, skin, fog or glare from light.

New features for PC players and next-generation consoles

In addition to controller support and other improvements available on all platforms, PC will be able to boast of special graphics, which were not in any part of Mass Effect before, and increased frame rates, which will make the game much smoother.

As for the new generation consoles, the developers kept the intrigue until the last - whether the Legendary Edition will support improved the latest sound and controllers. Unfortunately, DualSense or Quick Resume did not receive any special features, but the sound will indeed be improved, which will allow for a much better immersion in the gameplay.

At the moment, these are all improvements we know, but it is possible that BioWare will continue to update the Legendary Edition, adding more and more new features.

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Published on: 05 February, 2021
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