Everything we'd love to see in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Right now we know practically nothing about a possible sequel to Breath of the Wild. However, on the eve of the anniversary of the entire series of Zelda's adventures, we decided to dream up what fans would definitely be happy about.

Almost nothing is known about the upcoming sequel to The Legend of Zelda since its announcement a few years ago. In anticipation of the Zelda anniversary, it seems to us that the developers may well finally make the fans happy and at least tell them whether this will be a direct continuation of Breath of the Wild or something completely new. This is why we have prepared a few things that we would like to see in the upcoming release. Alas, these are just guesses - however, true fans of The Legend of Zelda will definitely share our expectations.

More playable characters

Zelda is a wonderful and powerful heroine, but why not expand the gameplay by adding companions to her? At the very least, we really would like a more expanded gameplay for Link, Zelda's partner. This would be a good start for a cooperative game for you and your friends - however, on the other hand, this is a completely different mechanic and we are not sure that the developers will be ready to go for it. Whatever it was, more opportunities to play for other characters would go The Legend of Zelda only good.

The return of traditional weapons

Yes, weapons in The Legend of Zelda go through a certain evolution, but at some point the developers decided to limit our choice. The best option would most likely be to leave the A Link Between Worlds model, when all weapons were available for purchase at a certain point in the game and you did not need to search for them in a strict order throughout the story. Perhaps the developers could even introduce a system for the strength of certain weapons, so that you know when and how to use this or that - however, these are just our wishes.

Game mechanics change

We hope that the game mechanics of Breath of the Wild 2 will become more "adult" and will use the capabilities of Zelda that opened to us in Breath of the Wild. Perhaps it could be something in the style of the latest Devil May Cry - it would make the game more dynamic and interesting.

The return of a more traditional game map

In addition, it would be nice if the developers decided to return what was in the first parts of the franchise - gaming locations. We're talking about dungeons in which you could meet bosses, various in-game clue items or even puzzles. Even though the Divine Beasts shrines were quite interesting places, they clearly lacked the atmosphere that was before.

More emphasis on the plot

Despite the fact that the game mechanics in the previous parts were really fun, we would still like to focus more on the game's plot. The game is built around your ability to create "your own adventure" - that is why a single plot was very often lost, not to mention additional pieces of the history of the world of Zelda, which could have simply been lost by you during the game. Now that we're getting closer to the series' anniversary, we'd love to hear even more about The Legend of Zelda's world and the characters themselves.

Expanding the game map

In addition to returning dungeons, we would love to see new areas to explore the world, perhaps even outside Hyrule. Unfortunately, the developers give us the opportunity to explore essentially the same lands, which ultimately makes the game world closed. Therefore, we hope that in a possible sequel to Breath of the Wild, we will either be given the opportunity to explore the already familiar locations in more detail, or they will open completely new worlds to the players.

Swimming mechanics change

Yes, it is possible that swimming in the game does not take up as much of the gameplay as running or walking; however, when you do have to swim, you feel how much the developers have not worked out this aspect. Not to mention the ability to dive, the heroine's movements in the water look very awkward. We are not asking you to develop any special, underwater world - at least to make swimming a more exciting process than it is now.

Return of Zelda's Legendary Enemies

Of course, there are plenty of interesting bosses throughout The Legend of Zelda lineup - but we'd love to see the legendary Darknuts celebrate the anniversary. These knights were really dangerous in a one-on-one encounter and earned everyone's respect for their strength.

More dogs

And finally, the most important wish - we want more dogs in The Legend of Zelda! Perhaps even with the ability to pet them, and not just feed them.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 11 January, 2021
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4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate)
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