Will Xbox Series X get hotter than Xbox One X?

Xbox Series X
More details about Microsoft's Xbox Series X continue to emerge. After some experts blamed the console for the intense heat, Microsoft denied it.

The release date of the new Xbox Series X from Microsoft is approaching - in this regard, we will get more and more new details about the console.

Not so long ago, an Xbox Game Marketing Manager reported that the exhaust temperatures of the Xbox Series X were "not significantly different" from the Xbox One X. He also added that he had no problem with the console's heat at all when he tested it himself.

This is in contrast to what was previously known when benchmarks showed significant heat build-up on the early Xbox Series X. The console generated a huge amount of heat through the top vents. However, Microsoft denied this fact.

One of the GameSpot journalists, Jeff Bakalar, reported that the console got hot enough even in standby mode, when he didn't even have time to start at least one of the games. However, the games that gamers were allowed to play early in development were Xbox One games with improved load times or other features. Thus, these were not games specifically for the Xbox Series X. It is hoped that if you run games developed from the ground up for a brand new console, the heat will be better, as Jeff Bakalar points out.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series X uses a huge fan that is located at the top of the console. As for the closest competitor - PS5, it has a similar cooling system, but the fan there has a double-sided architecture. This should keep heat generation to a minimum, but Sony hasn't disclosed any details on this yet.

Xbox Series X will launch on November 12 and will also have a less powerful version of the Xbox Series S.

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Published on: 12 October, 2020
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