What will the new PS5 actually look like?

PlayStation 5
Sony's new PS5 will go on sale on November 12, but the company remains silent on some fundamentally issues.

Despite the fact that the new console from Sony will be released on November 12, many details remain unknown. All we know is that many PS4 games will also be available for PS5. However, many questions remain secret and Sony is in no hurry to inform the players about them. This can be a problem for many who would like to pre-order the PS5 and are not yet sure of their choice. For example, we still don't know what the PS5 interface will look like - will it be just the transferred PS4 settings, or is it something new?

No one knows why Sony is so silent, but for many gamers, a single screenshot of the new console is clearly not enough. Of course, interface issues may not be the most decisive when choosing a set-top box, but there are also more essential questions. How exactly will multiplayer mode work in conjunction with PS4? Will you be able to connect with your friends who haven't upgraded to the next generation of PlayStation? You might not want to buy a new console at all if all the best games already work on PS4! The same goes for the PS5's connection to the next generation Xbox Series X / S or even the Xbox One - it is not known if gamers will be able to play together on different platforms.

On the Xbox side, at least we have a little more information on the console's compatibility with other versions. On the PS5 side, Sony said very little - just that most PS4 games will work. But which games won't work? Will there be any improvements for the previous generation games on the new platform? Why don't some PS5 games support intergenerational save like their Xbox equivalents?

There are many questions and it is not yet clear what the silence of Sony is connected with: perhaps with the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps with the fact that the console from Microsoft will still be more multifunctional. For those who are still wondering which console to choose, this information can be crucial. Information is provided literally drop by drop, and we can expect answers to questions only shortly before the release of the PS5. For example, recently it became known how the sound will work on the new console, and a PS5 teardown video showed the process of expanding the system's storage and showed a special tool that allows you to dust the console. We are constantly learning a little new, but not in the same way as with the Xbox Series X - information about it is more complete and here Microsoft certainly wins.

Let's see if there are answers to all these questions, but already now gamers are worried - in the end, it is up to them to decide whether it is reasonable to pay about 500$ for the console.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 09 October, 2020
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