The premiere of the new "James Bond" postponed to the next year

No Time to Die
A new film about the adventures of James Bond has been postponed to the next year. Thus, the producers hope to avoid losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new film about the adventures of James Bond "No Time to Die" was supposed to be released back in 2019 - however, due to staffing problems, the premiere was postponed to 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has made its own adjustments - the screening of the film was postponed again, to this time for April 2021.

The film's producers expressed regret at the decision, but said they were "looking forward to next year."

"No Time to Die" was due out in just a few weeks - November 12 in the UK and November 20 in the US and around the world. Unlike other films (for example, the 9th part of the Fast and Furious franchise), which immediately moved their premieres to 2021, the new Bond film was purposefully planned for 2020. However, the decision of the scriptwriters did not come as a surprise in the modern film market. Recently released "Tenet" and "X-Men: New Mutants" did not gather enough viewers due to the pandemic. Many cinemas remain closed or deliberately limit the number of seats - in such conditions, even high-profile premieres can be doomed to failure. A limited number of companies, including Disney with their film "Mulan", have chosen to release their films digitally, although most have opted for a delay in the hope that they will eventually make their theater debuts.

Recall that in the next film about the adventures of James Bond, Daniel Craig will return in the title role. In addition, many fans are eagerly awaiting the appearance in the franchise of Rami Malek, who will play the role of the protagonist. The film is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga.

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Published on: 05 October, 2020


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