The latest PS5 update adds support for external storage

PlayStation 5
Sony has finally added the ability to expand the PS5's storage with external hard drives, which puts the console on par with the Xbox.

Finally, Sony rolled out an update to their latest console adding support for external storage, giving the PS5 a competitive edge against the Xbox. The update allows you to transfer games from internal storage to increase storage space on your device. In addition, the update contains improvements to the gameplay on the console, which is especially useful for older games.

After updating the games from the external drive, you will not be able to start until you copy them to the internal memory of the device - the same system works on consoles from Microsoft. However, the developers emphasize that to download new games to the console, you will still need a sufficient amount of memory on the device itself, since you will not be able to use the external drive right away. However, external storage support speeds up this process, as copying a game from one disc to another is much faster.

The developers also said that they will continue to work on increasing the console's own memory as much as possible, so we can expect more internal memory in the next updates.

PlayStation 5 April 2021 Updates
PlayStation 5 April 2021 Updates
PlayStation 5 April 2021 Updates

In addition, with the update, you can share your game with friends from the previous version of the console, as well as play remotely. In addition, now you can join your friends' game - no matter which of the latest versions of the console they are playing on.

Also, the ability to switch to playing games without HDR has been added, which will be useful for older games where this function is absent at all. Image quality has also been improved for PC monitors. All these features can now be found in the settings of the console itself.

Minor changes have been made to other settings as well. Sony added the ability to pre-download updates for your games: now, if the game has the appropriate option, you can download updates right during the game session. However, preloading right before purchasing the game is still a Microsoft exclusive.

The developers also added the function of changing the screen scale, which was already on PS4, which will make your game much more comfortable. In addition, console apps will also receive an update, allowing you to manage game storage and join game sessions directly from your smartphone.

As a reminder, the update became available on April 14th.

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Published on: 16 April, 2021
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