The head of the Xbox appreciated the PS5 controller from Sony

DualSence Controller
The Xbox director was pleased with the new product from Sony and explained why Microsoft is not changing the controller for their Xbox.

Phil Spencer tested Sony's next generation console - the DualSense controller. He stated that "the development of any of the company can bring benefits to the entire industry."

According to Spencer, Xbox and PS should learn from each other. He shared his impressions of using DualSense and stated that he "applauds Sony for what they did." According to the head of Xbox, such new items can be a great source of inspiration for other companies. He also noted that the Xbox controller is a kind of "standard" for him, but the company still "tries not to lose sight of" the novelties of competitors. Interestingly, Microsoft is leaving its Xbox controller unchanged. According to Spencer, "it doesn't need any changes."

As a reminder, DualSense for PS5 has received rave reviews from players since its release. The controller supports many new features - all of which create an excellent connection with the PS5, so many games feel very different than with the old version of the controller.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 30 November, 2020
PlayStation 5


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