The first rumors about Dead Space 4 after eight years

Dead Space 4
With EA revamping its Dead Space YouTube channel, fans have been talking about a possible return for the popular series of games.

EA piqued the interest of fans of the legendary Dead Space series by simply changing the picture on the game's YouTube channel. Before that, an image from the last released part was published there - now, the developers have changed the image to a more neutral one. Recall that the third part of Dead Space was released back in 2013, so EA's sudden return to the franchise may be a good sign for all fans. Plus, considering that EA Play Live is scheduled for July, the fan interest is understandable.

Interestingly, rumors about the return of Dead Space appeared even earlier. Not so long ago, information appeared that allegedly Motive Studios was preparing to "rethink" the franchise together with Electronic Arts, and even earlier, journalist Jeff Grubb said that EA was planning to "resurrect" one of their games, about which will be announced in July. Back in 2017, when developer Dead Space officially closed down, fans were worried about the possible end of the beloved franchise. However, EA denied this, although they did not give any hope for a continuation. It is possible that now we finally know about their plans.

As for the presentation of EA Play Live, it will take place on July 22nd. While EA are keeping the intrigue of which games will be shown on it, we are still only sure about Battlefield 2042.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 02 July, 2021


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