The creators of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition turned to modders

Mass Effect Trilogy
The developers thanked those who improved the original Mass Effect long before the re-release itself.

In the spring, the original Mass Effect editions will be reissued and, in this regard, BioWare turned to modders who were working on improving the game several years ago. One of the Legendary Edition release managers indicated on Twitter that "BioWare contacted some of the modders to find out how they would work with the new edition."

The question arose immediately after one of the modders contacted the developers about his mod, which significantly improved the gameplay: from fixing technical errors to redesigned cut-scenes. According to the developers, they will work on improving the work with mods right up to the release of the Legendary Edition.

Recall that an improved edition of Mass Effect will be released this spring. It will contain almost all the DLC, as well as improved graphics and performance.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 10 February, 2021
Mass Effect


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