The actor who played Michael in GTA V recovered from COVID-19

Ned Luke, Steven Ogg and Shawn Fonteno
Ned Luke thanked all his fans for their support as well as the hospital staff.

Ned Luke, a.k.a. Michael de Santa from Grand Theft Auto V, is finally out of the hospital. He was hospitalized at the beginning of the year with an exacerbation of the previously confirmed COVID-19 - the actor developed pneumonia. Then he posted a message to his fans on Twitter, where he asked them to take the pandemic seriously. "It's all really happening - and it's not fun," Luke wrote at the time.

A couple of days ago, the actor posted a video in the style of Grand Theft Auto V, where he, parodying his character, leaves the hospital. In addition, Luke wrote a special thank you to all the hospital staff, pointing out that they all "saved his life." In another tweet, he thanked his fans for their support: "You really helped me get through this."

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 22 January, 2021


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