Sony will finally let PS5 users expand their console storage

PlayStation 5
This summer, the developers are planning to add a function to increase the internal memory of the PS5.

As it became known, Sony is finally activating the PS5 memory booster function. Recall that the memory expansion slot was available from the very release of the console, but it was not activated. In the summer, gamers will have the opportunity to add space to the console's memory, which is currently very limited. Unlike competing consoles, the PS5 currently lacks this capability.

According to the latest data, the summer update will activate the M.2 SSD slot, which will make the cooling system run much faster. Thanks to this, the console will not overheat - precisely because of overheating, the slot did not work all this time. Users could not store their games in an external drive without encountering various errors, which they received complaints about.

However, not all so simple. After the update is released, you will have to wait until the developers release an official list of those SSD's that will adequately work with the console. This is important because the SSD drives will need to be as fast as the permanent drive installed on the system and also physically fit into the console itself. As for Sony's closest competitor, Microsoft uses a similar drive, but it also has its own expansion slot, which was included on launch day.

Of course, the memory issue is a big deal on PS5 right now, as you can't store some particularly large games on your console. The PS5 has 825GB of storage, but you can only use 667GB until the summer update.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 01 March, 2021
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PlayStation 5


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