Sony reflects on PS5 changes to meet console demand

PlayStation 5
Sony faced overstated demand for its new console right after its launch. The company's CFO talked about several ways to solve this problem.

Sony continues to think about a solution to the increased demand for the PS5 that the company is struggling to meet. This was discussed back in the company's 2020 annual report. Hiroki Totoki, CFO at Sony, explained that there are several ways to increase production.

The company is currently suffering from a shortage of semiconductors for the PS5, which is one of the negative factors for mass production, however, according to Totoki, Sony knows how to solve this problem. "We could find a secondary resource, or we could redesign the entire console," he said. Such a loud announcement means that the lack of semiconductors is a significant problem, for the sake of which Sony may even go to redesign the PS5 to solve. It is worth noting that the lack of semiconductor parts is not a new or unique problem for Sony. Earlier, one of the largest manufacturers of technical equipment AMD said that they are also concerned about the lack of spare parts.

Of course, Totoki did not mean large-scale changes to the entire PS5 - his announcement was most likely a theoretical search for a solution to the problem. Obviously, in the event of an acute shortage, the company will have to decide to change the internal design of the console. However, we hope that the number of required parts will increase soon.

Recall that for several months now, the largest console manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft, have been experiencing problems with semiconductors. This is due to speculation in the British and American markets: the so-called "scalpers" at the end of 2020 canceled 1000 orders for semiconductors immediately after purchasing about 60 thousand consoles. The government is trying to fight this speculation, but while the production of new generation consoles continues to decline.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 07 May, 2021
PlayStation 5


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