Sony and Microsoft are offering players fewer exclusives in 2020, but now that's not the point...

Xbox Series X/S vs. PS5
The next generations of consoles are coming soon. The exclusive line is not as impressive as it used to be, but companies still have something to offer us in return.

The official release of the next generation consoles is very soon and gamers around the world want to know what the starting line of games will look like on the new console. Not so long ago, it became clear that the list of starting games is not yet entirely accurate, especially with regard to new next-gen releases.

This situation is largely due to the policy of Sony and Microsoft regarding the transition to new generation consoles: the companies are doing everything to make this transition as smooth as possible for the players. This is why so little attention is paid to exclusives and new releases on future platforms.

Improved compatibility

Without a doubt, the new generation of consoles can offer us improved compatibility even for those games that were released a long time ago. Older games will receive new graphics and a new expansion, which will delight players who would like to play old games again.

In this case, it seems that Microsoft has more offerings, since it has been stated that their console will be able to play almost all games of the past generations. However, Sony also has a lot to offer - the new console will be able to run almost all PS4 games.

It is worth noting that this is a big advance in comparison with past consoles, as they did not have full compatibility with games.

Running games

When you look at the number of games being launched, neither Sony nor Microsoft offers a giant catalog of exclusives. In addition, some games had to be pushed back in release due to the virus pandemic. Some of the transfers have been a real blow to companies, but they focus on many older games that you can play. Considering the improved performance, this could impress a lot of gamers.

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Luna Launch Titles

Microsoft's new approach

In addition, we can say that Microsoft's approach to the entire Xbox line has really changed. As it became known, the company no longer really cares about whether you buy a new Xbox. The company is expanding its offerings for gamers - many of the games are now available on PC and mobile devices.

If this strategy is fully implemented, then Microsoft will be able to capture a good market share, in addition to selling consoles. However, the next generation consoles - PS5 and Xbox Series X/S - are expected to be fully sold out this year.

An analysis of Microsoft's financial performance shows how content and services impact a company's bottom line. There is no doubt that the virus pandemic is driving up spending on gaming as people stay at home more often than ever.

Other Developers

The next most important factor is the games of other developers. Of course, many interesting new products await us, despite the fact that many of them were delayed in the release.

The developers have made sure that many long-awaited games are available immediately, so we will definitely have something to play! For example, a new part of the Assassins Creed franchise will be available immediately after the launch of the consoles.

It is important that the gaming industry strives to enable players to play old games without paying extra money for it. This is important, since there was no such possibility before.

Free updates

It is important that players can enjoy their favorite games from older versions of consoles for free. Many companies are interested in luring players not only into their new products, but also pointless ones. In addition, by purchasing a new game on the previous generation console, you can update it to the new version for free. In fact, this is a new development, since previously there was no such opportunity for players.

Yes, new games for next-gen consoles may not be enough - however, it is important to understand that the rules of the game have changed today. Today, you can get the best support and the best quality - which is important for companies today. In addition, new items will be released further, attracting new players.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 02 November, 2020
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