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Sony previously reported that their new product will support "almost all" PS4 games. However, on the official PlayStation website, a list of 8 games was published that you most likely will not be able to play on your new console.

As reported, PS5 supports "99% of PS4 games," and not only does it, it improves graphics quality and performance. Sony previously reported that the console will not support just a few previous generation games, but now we can confidently say the exact number.

The official PlayStation website lists 8 games that are not available for PS5 - previously there were a little more, but it seems that now the list is final. There are no big names in this list, so you may not have much to lose. In addition, all the new products of 2021 will definitely come out on next-gen consoles.

This list is final, although it has recently become known that some games in the Assassin's Creed franchise may also not be supported by the PS5, as reported by Ubisoft on its official website. Later, however, this message was removed, and the developers clarified that the games will still work on PS5 - but with "some problems." Among the games that you definitely won't be able to play are, for example, Hitman Go or the 2015 slasher Afro Samurai 2. In addition, some of the virtual reality games will also not be available. Some games, such as Star Trek Bridge Crew, you can still play, but be prepared for numerous errors and crashes - this was announced by Ubisoft.

As already mentioned, there are no high-profile releases on this list, so we in no way urge you to get rid of your PS4.

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Published on: 04 January, 2021
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