PlayStation exclusives shouldn't be expected on PC quickly

PlayStation Exclusives
The head of Sony Studios said that "the best place to play PlayStation games is the PlayStation itself."

Recently, Sony has shown a particular interest in porting its games to PC - more recently it became known that the bestseller Uncharted 4 could be ported. Undoubtedly, the developers were inspired by the success of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone on PC, so such ideas are not surprising at all. However, it looks like PC will not become a priority platform on par with PlayStation.

Sony Studios head Hermen Hulst recently answered fan questions and made it clear that PC owners will have to wait if they want to play Sony exclusives. "The PlayStation will remain the best device for PlayStation games," said Hulst. According to him, the success of the porting to PC shows how much players outside the PlayStation ecosystem are interested in its games - however, fans will have to wait.

The goal of the port is to reach a large audience that might be interested in Sony's games, however, according to Hulst, the company will not release PC games "to the detriment of the PlayStation." Of course, the developers are interested in increasing the audience of their console, so this position seems quite logical. Exclusives are the main feature of any platform and often they become the decisive factor in choosing a gaming device.

It seems like PC fans of Sony can wait wait as much as necessary. Judging by the reaction of gamers to the possible porting of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, PC users are enthusiastic - so, there is no reason for Sony to accelerate the release of its exclusives on PC.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 04 June, 2021
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