PlayStation Communities will no longer be available on PS4

PlayStation Communities
Players could join groups of interests, share games and screenshots.

The developers announced that "Communities" will be removed from the PS4 menu next month, allowing players to form groups, play together, share images and much more.

It is also known that the company removed a separate community app last year, and this feature is not available on the next generation console. In addition, the "private groups" function was removed a year ago, but you can still sort your friends on PS4 into separate groups. This feature will now be permanently removed.

Sony often removes unpopular features from their consoles. Last year, they removed the ability to purchase games for older versions of consoles via phone or computer, and removed the Wishlist. Recall that the company recently confirmed that the PS5 is selling at a loss, but this is a "common occurrence" for new consoles.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 19 March, 2021
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