PlayStation 5 memory will be less than anticipated

PlayStation 5
Due to the fact that the operating system will take up significant space, the disk space will be less than the 825 GB SSD suggests.

Sony's new console will be out on November 12, but we still don't know how much memory will be available to install games. The only leak says it will be slightly more than 650GB, however Sony has not provided any comment on this.

In addition, not all of this space can be used to install games - obviously, the operating system on the console will also require a significant amount of memory. The company does not comment on this in any way, so far the only source of information is a screenshot of the console of one of the bloggers, which shows that the total amount of memory is 667GB. Interestingly, this is less than the Xbox Series X - Microsoft's console, including RAM, will have 802GB.

The amount of memory on the device is a really important parameter today, as most games will be large enough. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, for example, will have 133GB of weight on the PS5, and that figure will increase with new updates. However, you can customize updates in a way that conserves memory on your console.

In addition, Sony is giving gamers the option to only use SSD's that are approved by the company, as opposed to Microsoft with their plug-and-play cards that plug into the back of the console.

Recall that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be released on November 10, and PlayStation 5 in just a couple of days - on November 12.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 06 November, 2020
PlayStation 5
Xbox Series X/S


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