Players were shown how Halo 4 will look like on PC: it's awesome!

Halo 4
Popular on consoles, the shooter Halo 4 will soon be available on PC. The developers have published screenshots from the game in a new, impressive quality.

The hit consoles shooter Halo 4 is coming to PC very soon. The game is currently under testing and one of the developers has shared screenshots of the game on PC. They look impressive!

The screenshots show the terrain from the game. The images had to be compressed for publication, but the developers assured that Halo 4 would "look great."

Halo 4 (PC Beta Release)
Halo 4 (PC Beta Release)
Halo 4 (PC Beta Release)

After it became known that the games will be released on the PC, this meant new possibilities for graphics. The design director said the settings would include the ability to tweak all sorts of graphics options. You can customize the graphics specifically for yourself, including certain features.

Overall, the game will be more personalized for each player. As you can see from the screenshots, the player will be able to change individual parts of the hero's appearance.

As a reminder, Halo 4 is the last installment in the franchise to hit PC.

Halo 4 (PC Beta Release)
Halo 4 (PC Beta Release)
Halo 4 (PC Beta Release)
Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 04 November, 2020


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