One of E3's Biggest Gaming Shows Goes Free

E3 organizers shared information about the upcoming event.

It is not yet known exactly what one of the largest gaming exhibitions will look like - E3 2021. In early April, ESA announced that the exhibition will be held in digital format - at least in part. Immediately after that, there were rumors that it would be necessary to pay for participation in the exhibition or for access to certain content. In response, the organizers stated that the digital show will be free for everyone and will not include any paid content.

This is great news for all E3 fans, however, ESA's announcement does not provide a clear indication of whether the exhibition will be exclusively online, or whether it will include at least partial physical presence of visitors. Despite this, there was not long to wait for details - ESA indicated that they will report more "very soon".

"There won't be anything you have to pay for at E3 2021," an ESA spokesman said, denying rumors of paid access to the show. In addition, he announced more new information about E3 coming soon.

Recall that at the beginning of the year, there was information about a new format for E3 - it was indicated that the show was waiting for "significant changes" due to the pandemic, however, we still do not know how it will look exactly. In addition, there is no exact information on the date of the event: traditionally it is June, but ESA is still silent about the current year.

Interestingly, E3 isn't the only game show taking place this summer. Microsoft and its new subsidiary Bethesda are planning to host their own events - which can be expected from other gaming companies during this year.

Previously, E3 was considered the largest gaming event, although Gamescom managed to gather more fans before the pandemic. Despite the general popularity of E3, many well-known companies have left the exhibition, including the PlayStation, due to their desire to host their own events.

As for E3 itself, in recent years it has been criticized for political scandals, and in 2019, some publications reported on mass layoffs at the ESA.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 05 April, 2021


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