Nintendo's next console to be released "sometime before 2100"

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Nintendo has no plans to leave the game equipment business for "at least another hundred years." The company is pinning all its hopes on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has no plans to leave the gaming hardware business for a very long time - at least a hundred years. In any case, this is what the company's management said at their last speech. In addition, the company said it is working on new gaming equipment - according to management, it will be released "by 2099 or earlier."

Thus, the Nintendo management did not give any specific timeline - obviously, they are not yet ready to make accurate predictions.

However, Nintendo decided to ditch the Wii U entirely due to the relatively low sales figures for the console. In comparison, in early 2020, 52 million copies of the Switch console were sold. The Wii U, which until then was the best-selling Nintendo console, "lost" the race with the Switch in just 10 months - it was during this period that the Switch surpassed Wii U in the number of copies sold.

In addition, Nintendo is abandoning the portable 3DS console. This console was released in 2011 and is undoubtedly outdated for the modern market. Basically, the only Nintendo console that remains on the market is the Switch. How the company plans to compete with the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony is hard to say, however.

Today, the Switch console is at its peak, with over 61 million units sold by the summer of 2020. It was revived that Nintendo will improve its console, but the next update can only be expected in 2021. In addition, Nintendo believes the Switch can continue to be successful for the company for a long time to come.

In other areas, Nintendo continues to collaborate with the creators of the upcoming Mario film - the release is scheduled for 2022. In addition, Nintendo-based accounts currently have over 200 users, which is a pretty good indicator.

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Published on: 30 September, 2020
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