Nintendo continues to deny the release of a new console

Nintendo Feature Console
Nintendo Switch has become the most successful console of the company, but it is in no hurry to release updates. This, as well as inside information, gives reason not to trust Nintendo's silence.

A Nintendo executive said in a recent interview that the company "has no plans to make any statements." In addition, the company said it has no plans for new releases.

Despite this response, many analysts accused Nintendo of cunning: for the latest data, the company is still working on an updated version of the Switch. It is reported to be a response to the latest improvements in the market, such as 4K graphics, for example. If Nintendo does release an improved version of the Switch, it would be a good move for the company, which is now in a great financial position thanks to its Switch console.

Recall that the console has become the most successful Nintendo product for its entire existence - more than 80 million copies were sold in total. However, the company never updated it, which gives reason to expect an early release.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 03 February, 2021
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