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The Medium
Horror The Medium is a new project by Polish developers Bloober Team, who continue to develop the genre of psychological horror.

The Medium, one of the major releases of the first half of this year, will be released on January 28th. This is a story-driven horror game from the Bloober Team, a development team already known for their addicting horror games. Two of the most famous hits, Layers of Fear and Observer, were released several years ago, but they still amaze our imaginations with real fear.

So, in the center of The Medium is a girl named Marianne, who has mysterious powers. She finds herself embroiled in the investigation of a mysterious murder, behind which, as it turned out, are supernatural forces. The main feature of the game is the game camera from the third person, which allows the player to observe the plot from the point of view of the real world and the mystical world of spirits. Bloober Team retains some of the detective component that has become their calling card, but they bring something new - namely, Marianne's supernatural abilities that will help you unravel a mysterious crime.

The gameplay may remind you of the bestseller from the world of horror - Silent Hill, with its intensity and atmosphere of endless fear, but this is no coincidence - the developers directly stated that it was Silent Hill that "inspired" them to create The Medium. But don't think that the Bloober Team just copied their inspirations. In our opinion, the ability to travel between two worlds is the main feature of the future release, which games of this genre do not have. In fact, you can control Marianne in two realities at the same time, which helps her to better understand what is happening. So, the very hotel where the murder took place can only outwardly seem inconspicuous - the spirit world will show that this is a real "portal to hell". The duality of the game may seem strange and distract the player from the thread of the main plot, but it is she who will help you solve all the puzzles and get to the truth. Of course, such "travel" between the two worlds will affect your enemies as well, who will try to stop Marianne both there and there.

In addition, what is really important - the Bloober Team continue their work in the genre of psychological horror, showing us not just a game that wants to scare you, but a subtle emotional story that reveals the main character. Interestingly, the developers themselves call this experience "cinematic", explaining this by the versatility of the game and its unusual control style.

We hope that these Xbox exclusives will revive the horror genre and, in the future, will give way to further interesting projects. Recall that the game will be available at the end of this month.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 06 January, 2021
Silent Hill


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