New PlayStation 5 Update Now Available

PlayStation 5
Patch 20.02-02.30 contains a number of useful technical improvements, as well as an update for DualSense.

Not so long ago Sony released another update (02.20-02.30) for their next-gen PlayStation 5 console. It brings a number of useful improvements to the console's operation and, importantly, it doesn't weigh much.

Among the improvements: increased stability of the Wi-Fi connection, solution to the problem when when typing in a number of games, the text could simply disappear, as well as stabilization of the game download system during data transfer from PS4.

In addition to a number of technical adjustments, the patch also contains an update for the DualSense controller. Interestingly, it is not entirely clear what changes were made for DualSense, however, in order to download the patch, the console will prompt you to attach a controller for updating.

Recall that the update on the brand new PS5 can be downloaded manually through the "Settings" item, or you can wait until the system loads everything on its own.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 11 December, 2020
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PlayStation 5


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