New Nintendo Switch model announced

Nintendo Switch
After numerous rumors, Nintendo has finally announced the release of a new Switch model.

Nintendo has finally answered numerous rumors about developing an improved version of their most popular console. Nintendo Switch OLED will be released on October 8, 2021 and will cost about $350. The updated version will have a larger screen and a new, wide screen stand that will allow you to adjust the viewing angle. Interestingly, the 4K display has not been announced, so you shouldn't expect it.

Comparing the figures with the previous model, you can see that the device's memory has doubled - up to 64Gb. However, runtime have not changed, contrary to all rumors. Earlier it was reported that the improved version of the Switch will have an updated processor from Nvidia that will support 4K, but judging by the declared parameters, the processor has not been updated. Other indicators include slightly increased weight and size of the console. The extension will remain the same - 720p. As far as Bluetooth headphone support is concerned, Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be added.

Thus, a third model will appear in the Nintendo lineup. The Switch Lite is still a "lite" version of the Switch, and the OLED version will be the middle link between the console and the PC thanks to the portable stand. The developers have confirmed that the docking stations between the models will be interchangeable.

Previously, Nintendo said they would not release an updated version of their console. Journalists believed that this could be due to a lack of technical details that all hardware designers suffer from. Interestingly, the problem has not yet been resolved - apparently, this may affect the distribution of the Nintendo Switch OLED version, which may not be released so much. Overall, Nintendo's lack of rush is understandable - the Switch console is still selling well. Over 80 million copies of both versions of the console have been sold, is making the SwitchNintendo's most successful development. Let's see if the OLED version succeeds as well.

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Published on: 08 July, 2021
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Nintendo Switch


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