New development details for Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village
The developers talked about what exactly was the inspiration for the release of the new Resident Evil, and also shared the process of creating the story for the Village.

In his last interview, one of the leaders of the Resident Evil Village project, Peter Fabiano, told reporters what exactly the developers were inspired by, creating a new part of the famous series. According to him, Resident Evil Village takes inspiration from the fourth installment of the game, one of the most popular games in the entire franchise.

"You may have noticed that we are trying our best to maintain that very atmosphere of Resident Evil 4" - said the developer. If you compare the two parts literally, then you can really find a lot in common between them: from the history of a small village to the story of the kidnapping of a daughter. However, do not think that the players will not have something to surprise - according to the developer: "You are in for a lot of surprises."

"We do not want to spoil anything," said Fabiano. He elaborated on the story of the antagonist, saying that the supernatural atmosphere "will be preserved."

In addition, according to the developer, the idea for Resident Evil Village arose during the work on Resident Evil: Biohazard, the previous part of the series. "We are very attached to the main character and would like to continue his story further," said Fabiano.

Recall that Resident Evil Village will be released this spring for all modern platforms.

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Published on: 17 February, 2021
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