New details on Playdate - a colorful handheld console

The creator of Playdate showed off one of the games for the new console and also revealed a pre-order date.

On June 8, the developers of the Playdate console held a special event, where they demonstrated the first game for their brainchild, and also revealed the pre-order opening date and the price of the new item. As a reminder, Playdate is the development of Lucas Pope, which was announced back in 2019. Playdate immediately attracted a lot of interest from gamers, also due to its striking design.

Pope said he is currently working on a game tailored specifically for small devices. The creator showed off an excerpt from a game called Mars After Midnight. According to Pope, he created this game based on the tastes of his own children and wanted to create something that they would enjoy playing. The game evokes 90's nostalgia with black and white design and controls. In the video that aired at the event, Pope and other developers play Mars After Midnight using a dedicated analog crank. This crank will help you adjust the image in the console using panning. This makes the game look "deeper", even with a hint of 3D. In addition, the crank looks very unusual, combined with the overall striking Playdate design.

According to Pope, Mars After Midnight is still in development, so he can't make any specific promises about a release date. As for the pre-orders of Playdate, they will be available in July on the console's official website.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 10 June, 2021


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