New details of what the Nintendo Switch Pro might look like

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According to rumors, we will have an OLED screen, an improved dock and a stand for your device.

There have been more and more rumors lately about a possible Nintendo Switch update. While the company itself remains silent, the Spanish edition of Vandal has published another leak. According to their sources, the leak came from a third-party manufacturer that has partnered with Nintendo.

Recall that, based on the latest messages, the new console will be presented before the start of E3 2021, however, the developers have not yet confirmed this information. The name of the console also remains a mystery. Switch Pro is just a fan-made version of the title that has taken root in the gaming environment.

According to Vandal, the Pro version will have an improved screen, although the overall size of the device will be the same as the current version. The increased screen size will be achieved by reducing the size of the black plastic frame - thus, the played games will look much more colorful. Interestingly, rumors again confirm the presence of an OLED screen, which was mentioned at the beginning of the month at a presentation from display manufacturers.

In addition, a new stationary stand for Nintendo may appear, which will be placed along the entire length of the device, thus replacing the old model. It is rumored to be similar to a Microsoft Surface tablet stand.

Vandal is also reporting a new docking station - it could be slightly larger than the current one to accommodate USB 3.0 ports, as well as a few new ports.

Recall that while the developers have not confirmed these rumors, although it will not be long to wait if the Nintendo Switch Pro will indeed be presented before the start of E3.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 31 May, 2021
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