New details for Call Of Duty: Zombies Outbreak

Aroged Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Zombie Mode
The Zombies Outbreak add-on will bring not only a new game mode, but also many new missions and easter eggs. The release will take place on February 25th.

A new update for the legendary shooter Call Of Duty will be released very soon, and this time gamers are waiting for a truly unique addition - Zombies Outbreak and a new mode that adds zombies to the game. The developers have published a trailer for the update, which contains many interesting details.

Outbreak is a new mode for Call Of Duty, in which you and your three companions can take part in an exciting expedition in the mountains of Russia. According to the scenario, you are carrying out one of the CIA missions and your team will have to work together on a strategic plan. In addition, the developers have added new types of Ethereum crystals to the game, which players can use to improve weapons and equipment.

Based on the mission description, your team will have to study three regions, among which there are the so-called "cracks". These are places in which you may encounter supernatural forces that "make certain areas especially dangerous and deadly."

"Unlike other similar stories with zombies, you will not have a specific goal and time that you should spend on it," the developers pointed out. They noted that everything will depend only on you: you can search for various hidden treasures or quests, explore the area. In addition, you can even use parachutes for your research purposes.

Overall, in Outbreak mode, you can complete five different missions:

  • The first is protection. You will need to obtain a sample of the contaminated substance and protect it from any external influences.
  • The second is elimination. Your team will have to destroy special enemies that will be marked on the map.
  • Accompaniment. You will have to accompany, along with your team, a sample of one of the zombies and protect him from any attack.
  • Recovery. Your team will have to make sure nothing happens to the sample and remove the ether canisters away from damage.
  • Survival. Here you will have to survive as long as possible in a battle against zombies in order to keep a special crystal that emits dangerous energy.

If you and your team successfully complete one of the missions, you can go to a special, previously hidden part of the map, where the so-called "lighthouse" is located. Through it, players can leave the Outbreak zone or select another part of the mission. You will have to choose one of two things: get to the helicopter through hordes of enemies in order to leave the infected area - or use the portal and start another mission, traveling to an even more dangerous area of infection.

Each of the missions, of course, will bring you certain rewards - the more difficult the mission, the higher your reward. In addition to experience, your team will receive special crystals of ethereum, which give an increase in various combat skills. As for the crystals themselves, there are several types of them, which differ depending on the complexity of the mission completed. Having received the most powerful crystal, you can improve your skills to the fifth level.

One of the most interesting details that these games are famous for are Easter eggs and, undoubtedly, you will find a whole lot of different tips and references.

Recall that the second part of Call Of Duty: Cold War will be released at the end of February - just a few days later.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 24 February, 2021
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