Need for Speed release postponed until next year in favor of new Battlefield

Need for Speed
The developers decided to postpone the release of the new part of Need For Speed, but put all their efforts into Battlefield 6.

The next Need for Speed game has been pushed back to next year. The company executives called it a step to help develop the new Battlefield. Criterion Games, the EA subsidiary responsible for the Need for Speed release, will also be mobilized to work on Battlefield 6. In addition, EA's recent acquisition of Codemasters, a racing game franchise, plays into EA's hands. This will certainly ease the anticipation of a new Need for Speed gamer.

Electronic Arts executives also said that the creation of Battlefield 6 is "in full swing", albeit with difficulties, since the developers have to work from home. "We're doing this to deliver a great Battlefield" said a company executive. As far as participation in the Criterion Games project is concerned, EA called it a "win" as the company already had experience in the development of previous parts of the franchise.

In addition, according to EA, they are going to "throw all the forces on the development", so fans can only wait for an impressive result. The exact release date has not yet been announced, but it will definitely be 2021.

In a similar statement, the company's management says that the game turned out to be "revolutionary", especially after they saw the first draft trailer. "I think the fans will love it for sure," said the head of EA. Also, the company admitted some of its mistakes that it faced before. Management said this is the first game in the series to be developed at such an effective pace. Apparently, this is a step towards fans who were previously unhappy with the performance of the game right after its release.

The statement noted that for almost a year now, employees have been forced to work from home. EA also noted that they constantly have to balance between the quality of games and the situation with the pandemic, however, according to management, this will not be a hindrance. The manager also pointed out that there are 35 different projects in the development of EA now, so we can only wait for new statements from the company.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 03 March, 2021


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