Microsoft considers that future games from Bethesda may not come to PS5

Xbox + Bethesda
Microsoft recently announced the purchase of ZeniMax Media, which includes all Bethesda games. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that future Bethesda games may or may not appear on "competing platforms."

Last month it was revealed that Microsoft is buying its ZeniMax Media subsidiaries, which include all Bethesda games. So far, the company has not yet detailed its plans for the acquisitions, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the price of the deal does not require any further discussion.

The purchase became one of the most expensive acquisitions of the company. The deal is expected to close shortly. In addition, the terms of the release of exclusives Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo for PlayStation 5, according to Microsoft, will remain the same. However, the future of the rest of Bethesda's games is still uncertain - Microsoft will determine the platforms for the release of games "on a case-by-case basis."

Spencer did not elaborate on this position in a conversation with Kotaku, but did mention that Microsoft is not obligated to release games on platforms that it does not control. He also said there was "no point" in transferring console games to other than Microsoft, as otherwise "the deal will not work for the company." While Spencer hasn't directly answered whether Bethesda's games will be multiplatform, it's clear that for Microsoft it's not just a matter of finances. Let's remind that earlier games, funded by Microsoft, were already released for platforms of other manufacturers. However, Spencer himself questioned the viability of this strategy.

In addition to the details of the ZeniMax Media purchase, Phil Spencer also shared his thoughts on the upcoming next-gen Xbox. According to him, Series S could become a "bestseller" in a new generation of consoles. Recall that the next generation consoles from Microsoft will be released on November 10.

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Published on: 19 October, 2020
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