"Mass Psychosis" - people not playing games to the end

Josef Fares
According to Joseph Fares, most gamers do not go through the storyline of the games to the end. The developer called it "mass psychosis."

Josef Fares, author of A Way Out, is known for not being afraid to express his opinion directly. So, recently he spoke about people who do not go through their games to the end.

"It makes me sad," he said. "According to our data, about 49% of people do not finish their games. This is some kind of massive psychosis. " According to Fares, this often happens due to the fact that the developers focus their efforts only on the initial stages of the game, forgetting about the quality of the ending.

Fares' announcement came as part of an advertising campaign for his new game, It Takes Two, which will be released next month. "It will be impossible to get tired of this game - I would argue with anyone who says that they are tired of playing It Takes Two," said the developer.

Recall that the video game It Takes Two will be available for all platforms, including the previous generation consoles. The game will only be available in co-op mode.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 17 February, 2021


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