Mass Effect teaser revealed at Game Awards 2020

Mass Effect Trilogy
The teaser was not full of information, but it is known that this will be a completely new game in the universe already familiar to us.

The Game Awards 2020 ceremony was marked not only by the awards of many high-profile novelties of this year, but also by the teaser for the new Mass Effect - and not just another part, but a completely new game.

The teaser itself is not very eventful - it basically consists of frames of our planets and galaxies flying past. Radio conversations sound in the background, which are quite difficult to make out, but you can definitely recognize the sound of the Reapers attack, which is familiar to the players. The teaser ends with a demonstration of one of the characters on one of the planets and the inscription "Mass Effect will be continued".

Fans, who began to study the teaser more closely, suggested that it was Liara T'Soni - one of the most popular characters in the series. Interestingly, conversations on the radio at the very beginning can provide more information than meets the eye. Fans claim that these are discussions of central events in the game's universe and snippets of famous moments from storylines - for example, you can make out the voice of Captain Shepard in the voices. Unfortunately, the rest of the developers' hints are rather difficult to discern.

After the presentation of the teaser, one of the directors of BioWare on Twitter hinted to the players that the teaser contains "many secrets", so perhaps fans will be able to draw from it something else interesting about the future Mass Effect.

Recall that this is one of two projects in the Mass Effect universe - it was previously announced that an updated version of the original trilogy will be released in the spring of 2021.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 14 December, 2020
Mass Effect


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