Konami's Gaming Division Will Remain Intact Amid Internal Restructuring

Konami's restructuring means that the company's divisions will be changed - including those directly responsible for the development and release of games.

Starting next month, Konami will be restructured. Divisions that were responsible for the production of games will be disbanded, and new ones will appear in their place. It is unclear exactly how this will affect the release of new games.

Konami has not yet provided any official explanation, but many players fear that this will entail the cancellation or postponement of many of the anticipated releases. Recall that after the famous quarrel with Hideo Kojima, Konami became less active in releasing new high-profile releases. They still have several high-profile franchises and fans, after the news of the restructuring, attacked Konami's account with questions about the sequel to Silent Hill - however, there is still no information on this matter.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 27 January, 2021
Silent Hill


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