Horror Phasmophobia attacked by hackers, scaring streamers

Phasmophobia became a real hit on Twitch, but it was attacked by hackers. Many of these attacks really scared players.

The game about ghost hunting Phasmophobia became a real hit from the moment of its early access. The game was released not so long ago and became very popular among streamers on Twitch. Recently, however, Phasmophobia has been plagued by hackers who seem to target exactly those who are playing in front of the audience. Oddly enough, hacker attacks make the game even more terrifying - differently from the intentions of the developers themselves.

To date, no anti-cheats have been added to Phasmophobia that could save streamers from hacker attacks - some of the players are asking developers to add this feature to make their game easier. In their "harmless" version, cheats allowed changing the number of players in the game, especially for those who want to play Phasmophobia with a large company. However, they are now being used for real persecution! Cheats and hacking guides like these are easy to find on the internet, which makes players even more vulnerable.

During online streams, hackers "raid" players, adding even more ghosts to the gameplay to scare gamers even more. While horror is designed to simply scare players, unexpected screamers like these can cause real stress from the game.

Twitter streamers exploded with complaints about hackers who really scared them with their attacks, and on YouTube you can find videos of gamers screaming in horror (turn down the sound on your computer before watching!).

According to the developers post, they are aware of the problem. The official statement states that the developers "do not support cheats in the game and are working on a solution. However, it is not yet known how they plan to solve this problem.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 26 October, 2020


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