Gord: a new RPG with a Slavic theme

Gord is a new RPG game inspired by Slavic mythology. It was developed by the newly formed studio Covenant.

Gord is a fantasy mystical RPG, in the center of which is a small settlement that faces many threats on the way of its development. The game was first presented at the beginning of April on the official developer page, and now we have even more information about the upcoming release: storyline features and gameplay elements. The game was developed by the new studio Covenant, which is owned by Stan Just, a former member of CD Projekt Red and 11-Bit.

The plot of the game tells the story of a tribe trying to survive in a world inspired by Slavic folklore. You will have to decide how exactly the tribe will develop, how to protect it from threats and what resources are best developed for the prosperity of the settlement.

It is interesting that the game mechanics include not only the elements of the settlement construction, but also real survival, where you will have to take the members of your settlement to the outside world in order to get water and food. During such "sorties", you can meet monsters, some of which are secondary, and some are rare and mysterious.


In addition to the problems with food and survival, you will also have to take care of the psychological state of your settlement, given the gloomy circumstances in which your inhabitants live. Problems such as hunger and depression can make your community more vulnerable to external enemies.

It is curious that Gord will contain many randomly generated events and quests, so each game session will be different from the previous one. As you progress through the story and strengthen your settlement, you will learn more and more about the world around you and its history.

Gord looks like an unusual RPG, in the center of which is not one character, but a whole settlement, with its inhabitants and the unique characteristics of each of them. This can be a very addictive storyline where you can test your strengths in keeping the settlement afloat.

It was announced that the game will become available in 2022.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 16 April, 2021
RPG (Role-playing game)


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