Funcom buys studio of former Battlefield developer

The Norwegian studio Funcom expands the boundaries: now the team The Outsiders, who gave us Metal: Hellsinger, will become a part of it, and the studio's office will appear in Romania.

Funcom is expanding its "digital expansion": the studio has acquired shares of Swedish developers from The Outsiders and plans to open an office in Bucharest. Interestingly, The Outsiders was founded by David Goldfarb, who has worked on games like Mirror's Edge and Battlefield for five years.

The head of Funcom, Rui Casais, shared his enthusiasm for the cooperation between the companies - recall that both studios are working on the publication of the music shooter Metal: Hellsinger. "David sold me this shooter literally at breakfast," Rui said. According to him, The Outsiders are bringing a lot of new, unusual ideas to the gaming industry. Together, the developers will continue to work on the Metal: Hellsinger project (scheduled for release in 2021), but the new agreements will greatly facilitate work on future developments.

As for The Outsiders, David Goldfarb called the work of the two studios "fateful" and noted that such an honest and open collaboration is rare in the gaming industry. Otherwise, no changes are planned in the management of The Outsiders - Goldfarb only stressed that the studio's team will expand.

Funcom also spoke about the opening of a new office in Romania - according to Casais, this region plays a large role in the development of the studio, so the expansion of ambitions will benefit Funcom. In addition, Norwegian developers are already working on a major new project.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 01 July, 2021
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