For Sony, the competition with Xbox Game Pass is "still to come"

PlayStation Plus Collection
Xbox Game Pass is a significant fan base for Microsoft. Sony is already trying to compete with the service, but CEO Jim Ryan hints that there is more to come.

Xbox Game Pass is arguably the most successful game subscription service. Of course, everyone cares about whether Sony will be able to adequately answer its competitors by offering a service in return. In a recent interview, CEO of the company said that "everything is ahead".

In addition, he stressed that Sony already has something to offer players - this is the PlayStation Now service (which, by the way, is not available in a number of countries). Previously, the company actively tried to compete with the popularity of Xbox Game Pass - for example, last year Sony reduced the price of subscriptions, trying to catch up with the Xbox in this indicator. This year, the company announced a new service, PlayStation Plus, which will give gamers access to several dozen major titles. The Sony director stressed that the company will not "imitate" the Xbox Game Pass strategy - for example, new releases will not be included in the subscription. Jim Ryan said that it is "not cost-effective", since the development of such games costs millions of dollars and the terms of the subscription simply will not pay back the resources spent.

Whatever it was, Sony will have to try hard to surpass Xbox Game Pass - it's no secret that today it is the presence of this service that becomes decisive when choosing a console. For $10 a month, players can access over 200 games. In addition, the library of the service is constantly expanding - it recently included EA Play games.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 23 November, 2020


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