Final Fantasy VII Remake's PlayStation exclusive period is over...

Final Fantasy VII Remake
As originally announced, Final Fantasy VII will only be PlayStation exclusive until early April, so players are hoping to see the game on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PC.

The initial period when Final Fantasy VII Remake was exclusively available only on the PlayStation is over. In this regard, fans of the game suggested that the game will now be available on Xbox consoles as well as PC. Regardless, even the fact that the exclusivity period is over doesn't necessarily mean that the game will be released on other platforms. In addition, the developers themselves did not comment on this.

Some Twitter users began to note that agreements between Square Enix and PlayStation existed only until the beginning of April, so this month it may become known about the release of the game on other platforms. As mentioned above, the developers have not answered this guess, so it is not yet known whether this date means anything at all.

Interestingly, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be released for PS5 very soon, which makes the current situation even more incomprehensible: will this game also be a PlayStation exclusive? Even if the developers announce the release of Remake on other platforms, it doesn't necessarily mean that Intergrade will become available on Xbox and PC.

Recall that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be released in early June. The game will contain improved graphics, photo mode, and additional episodes.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 14 April, 2021
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