Fans brought Star Wars: TIE Fighter to life

Star Wars: TIE Fighter
The classic LucasArts game has been reimagined by fans who have used modern graphics and updated content to bring the legend back.

Despite the fact that Star Wars: TIE Fighter was released back in 1994, the memory of it still lives on. In 2009, the game portal IGN included this simulator in the 25 best PC games of all time, and on July 6 this year, a mod was published that completely reimagined the classic game. Fans have updated Star Wars: TIE Fighter with modern graphics: in the trailer, you can see how the game has been changed frame by frame.

The uniqueness of Star Wars: TIE Fighter back in 1994 was that for the first time you could play for the "dark side" using Imperial ships and their modifications. Interestingly, before that, fans were already remaking another classic simulator - the 1999 Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. The game is now also available on VR, which makes space adventures even more impressive. The modders behind the updated TIE Fighter revealed that they were inspired by the X-Wing Alliance project. According to them, "this is how the game could have looked if the technology of the time allowed it to look like that."

You can already download the game via Steam or GOG. In the trailer for the improved version, the developers explain in more detail how to do this.

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Published on: 07 July, 2021
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