Expand memory storage for Xbox Series X/S

Seagate Storage Card
The latest Xbox model continues to experience problems with memory expansion - the only way out of this situation, at the moment, remains cards from Seagate.

The size of modern games continues to grow, especially with the release of the latest games in the Call of Duty series. However, the Xbox Series X/S still struggles to increase memory. If you do not want to remove something from your collection to download new games - the offer from Seagate can help you.

The company issues special Newegg cards to expand your game storage - until recently, they were sold with a 10% discount with a special promotional code, but today the discount is no longer valid. Today, this is the only external storage option for your system that can run games directly from the card.

Recall that both new-generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft use ultra-fast NVMe SSD's instead of more traditional models. The companies took this step to enable players to download their games faster and use the restore feature on the Xbox. However, due to the fact that such a system is new, prices for memory expansion cards remain high, while other functions for increasing memory are still unavailable.

In the case of a Seagate card, you just plug it into a port on the back of your system. In addition, on the latest Xbox models, you can store games on a different hard drive and simply change them in the console itself whenever you want to play. As for the PS5, in the future, users will be able to use specially approved memory cards for the console, which can be inserted into the internal slot - however, this feature is not yet available.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 07 April, 2021
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