Due to a bug in Xbox Live, hackers could gain access to players' email addresses

Microsoft had to fix a bug that allowed hackers to gain access to any email registered for each nickname.

Last week, one of the hackers sent an email to the company saying that any hacker can easily find out the email address of an Xbox user - all due to an error in the Xbox Live system. After checking, it turned out that this is really easy.

At first, Microsoft was rather indifferent to the problem. The company said that "the email address does not carry the confidential information of the players" and therefore "cannot be considered a serious threat." However, after a few days, the developers released an update in which this problem was fixed.

One of the hackers who contacted the company claimed that "this was the most ridiculous vulnerability he ever found." Well, maybe your email address is not a big deal - however, a few years ago, such a leak became a threat to Instagram, when hackers might have gotten celebrity data.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 27 November, 2020


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