DualSense controller problems are not as easy to solve as they might seem at first glance

DualSence Controller
IFixit has shown gamers why their DualSense can be even more short-lived - and it's not just the sticks.

Not too long ago, Sony was sued for a malfunction of their new DualSense PS5 controllers. Users complained about the poor performance of the sticks, which quickly broke down. As it turned out, developers will not be able to solve this problem as quickly as they would like.

The iFixit portal decided to delve deeper into the reasons why the joystick is getting out of control and it turned out that it was all about the factory settings for the joystick itself. It turns out that such a model initially assumed a short-lived operating time. Interestingly, other companies faced a similar problem that used a similar joystick system - for example, the Nintendo Switch Pro.

It is important that the joysticks themselves are not so easy to replace - for this you will have to remove not only all the tactile wires, but also melt a large number of soldering points in order to at least remove the joystick cover. Of course, the controller came out just a couple of months ago and can still be fixed - however, the iFixit team pointed out much deeper problems with DualSense, not directly related to the joystick itself.

So, due to the individual materials inside, the joystick can quickly wear out, and a large amount of plastic inside will lead to the accumulation of dust. In addition, the spring inside the controller turned out to be rather short-lived - it can stretch to a state in which it can no longer return to its place and then your controller will simply fail. All these reasons have led to the fact that already a large number of gamers have suffered from the purchase of DualSense. Of course, you can always buy a new joystick - however, this is a matter of price.

Authored by: tentacl
Published on: 24 February, 2021
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